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Faqs about Planning Permission

Why do I need planning permission?
For most property developments getting planning permission is a legal requirement. It's main purpose is to control the impact of buildings on the environment.

How do I apply for planning permission?
You will need to contact the planning officer at your local council to discuss what type of application is required. If you are applying for Full Planning Consent, your application will need to include detailed site location plans showing the extent of your development. If you live in a Conservation Area or in a Listed building, the requirements are more rigorous. Planning officers recommend using the most accurate and authoritative mapping available, such as Location Map.

You will usually need to submit up to six copies to illustrate:

  1. The location of your present site and its boundaries, with the layout of your proposed development.
  2. The relationship of your development with the surrounding area.

National Map Centre's Location Map and the planning permission process
Our Location Map Pack delivers the ideal product to help you apply for planning permission from your local authority. It is a unique customised mapping service that centres your site, and surrounding area, on a plan designed by Ordnance Survey for planning application purposes.

Printing A4 sheets
Please ensure your printer prints at 100% sizing - i.e. not "fit to page" or any scaling, as your map needs to be precisely to scale.

National Map Centre's Location Map Planning Pack and Data

Are you extending your property, carrying out a small building project, installing solar panels or need a plan
for exterior signage?

You will probably have to apply for planning permission from your local authority. They may require up to six copies, which National Map Centre's Planning Pack can provide quickly and efficiently.

  • Our Location Map can also be used for home referencing, insurance claims, conveyancing and in presentations and reports.
  • Location Map is available for any location in Great Britain.
  • Location Map data purchased on this website comes with a one year internal business use copyright licence which allows you to produce printed copies for your own use.. If you require a longer licence, please contact the National Map Centre.
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