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Kathy Sharman

Kathy is the Manager in the Hatfield branch. She has a keen interest in photography and is an ardent fundraiser for several animal charities.


Matt Bouchard

Matt is our Sales and IT Support Manager, based in Hatfield. He has a degree in GIS and Remote Sensing. Outside of work Matt has a strong interest in User Experience (UX) design; he also likes motor racing, rugby union and the occasional beer festival.


Scout is Matt's dog, and spends a couple of days each week in the office. He is a Jack Russell / Chihuahua mix. He is a lively and friendly ruffian, who looks super cute.

Hall of Fame


Colin Brown (now retired)

Colin was the Manager of the Rainham branch in Kent (now closed). He loves all kinds of maps, and regularly gives talks on the history of the Ordnance Survey. Colin is also very involved in music, particularly classical; and motorbikes with his wife Karen.



Ginny was the office dog up until May 2017. Kathy's rescued lakeland terrier had a pin in her leg that gave her a limp. Always up for a snack after her lunch time walk. She vehemently disliked the office vacuum cleaner which she attacked on a regular basis.


Ty was the office dog up until September 2022. Kathy's rescued staffie had a very calm temperament.  He loved to hoover the floor for crumbs, and cheddar cheese was his favourite any-time snack.


The Map Centre Limited
Unit 12, The Generator Business Centre
95 Miles Road, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 3FH
Company No. 07806405 - Registered in England - VAT No. 344 8899 01

Planning Application Maps

National Map Centre has been selling maps since 1860, so we know “our” maps!

Our shop retailing maps, atlases and guides in Victoria, London was described by a well-known author as a perfect place to “lose” an hour of your life dreaming of foreign travels. But a specific on-line retailer is a tough competitor to contend with and the shop closed its doors for the final time in September 2011. The Planning Maps service operated out of the Victoria shop, and we decided to relocate it to Kent, where we had a branch already. The Kent Office closed in 2019, with all clients transferred to the Hatfield Office.

Ordnance Survey Outstanding Achievement Award

The National Map Centre was honoured with the Ordnance Survey Outstanding Achievement Award each year between 2006 and 2008. Then, unfortunately, the awards were discontinued and no-one has offered to revive them yet!


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